Choose the romantic wedding location of the candlelight dinner restaurant of Rada Restaurant in Positano!

Rada Restaurant is the ideal wedding location and a romantic candlelight dinner restaurant on the wonderful beach Marina Grande of Positano. It is situated in the heart of the enchanting bay of the Amalfi Coast, Unesco World Heritage Site. Positano is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, perfect for your wedding location: the green of citrus orchards, olive groves, vineyards and the Mediterranean scrub, with lovely beaches stretching out into the sea, a heavenly place that has attracted for centuries travelers, painters, writers and celebrities.
From the terraces of the romantic candlelight dinner restaurant, you can admire the brightly colored houses cascading like flowers from coast until the beach and from the main road crosses in all its glory, the stunning view on the sea and on the Sirens' Islands: Li Galli. Today the island has a private villa, built by the Russian dancer and choreographer, Leonide Massine. The villa, decorated by the architect Le Corbusier, was later bought by the famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev. A unique spectacle in the nights of full moon or embraced by the enchanting colors of the sunset in the romantic candlelight dinner restaurant, Rada Restaurant.
To get into the heart of Positano, parked the car in a parking along the main road, continue on foot to the picturesque street between the shops of ceramics and boutiques that have launched Swimwear Positano worldwide, and going around galleries' art, craft shops, gardens with orange blossoms and citrus, you reach the wonderful mother church, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the thirteenth century and guardian of the beautiful Byzantine icon depicting the Black Madonna and Child.

Rada Restaurant is next to the church, for a memorable wedding location!

Your dream of a wonderful Wedding Location in an elegant and romantic dinner restaurant starts on the stunning terraces of Rada Restaurant. Rada Restaurant is located on one of the first fashion place of Positano. Positano was a renowned place of residence since Roman times, as evidenced by the discovery of an ancient Roman villa that was buried by the materials from Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, collapsed from the Lattari Mountains.
Over the centuries it became a rich maritime town, very important during the golden era of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. Its location, in a bay protected from the wind and with a beach for mooring boats, the woods of the forest that covered the mountains above Positano, favored trade and fishing. The ancient trails that connected the maritime towns to the villages of the mountains are crossed by beautiful paths that today attract visitors and hiking's lovers from all over the world as the wonderful Path of the Gods. The splendor of Positano continued during the Grand Tour 800 but it was in after the Second World War that European tourists discovered all the charms of this place. Appalled by the horrors and devastation made by the tragic war, the visitors found the places in the soul in the unspoiled landscapes and in the fabulous villages. Positano today retains all of its old charm in its streets, stairways, alleys, small houses clinging to the rock, in the fragrant gardens brightened by vivid colors, in the breathtaking views that tell all its fascinating ancient history.